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Clark's Truck Center & Cambridge Elementary
In Memory of Jenaya D'Amico

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Please consider supporting the Big Change Round-up in honor of Jenaya and other children like her.
Jenaya, age 9, was a third grade student at Cambridge Elementary School and a proud Change Bandit. She was also a former recipient of services at the Vermont Children’s Hospital. She was a genuinely happy little girl who always shared her quick smile, laughter, and love with her family, friends, and community. She enjoyed school, playing soccer, basketball, and softball. Jenaya passed away unexpectedly on April 16, 2017. Please support the Big Change Round-up, as Jenaya would have done, had she remained with us. Any donation is much appreciated by her Mother, Melanie D’Amico, Brothers, Jake and Jordan D’Amico, and Clark’s Truck Center!! Thank you!

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